what can we help you with?


an important and vital role within any prosperous economy. The syndicate guarantees safety of its traders to the best of our ability. we supply our traders with security escorts and up to date information on trade routes.


when you’re out there alone in a distant asteroid belt it’s always nice to have someone watching your back. with the syndicate we’re a family. let us know and we’ll get a team together to help watch your back.


with murphy cup winners within our ranks we can ensure you that you’ll have the syndicate as a sponsor when you’re on the tracks. keeping a good appeal is as valuable as any other career with us. make us look good out there folks.

military service is required to attain citizenship within the uee. we make it easy here within the ranks of the syndicate so you don’t need to worry whether your son or daughter are coming home tomorrow. they train with the best and are kept safe by the best. we teach all facets of the military to our citizens so they are prepared no matter what comes our way and no matter what it is they may be doing. we want our civilians ready to stand side by side with the best. our mission is to keep our civilians and our troops safe whether out abroad or right here in our back door.



salvage can be a dangerous game, but a very lucrative one. we report all wreckages during military excersises and routine patrol runs to our salvage teams. first come first serve.


the syndicate is always looking for valuable land claims. we pay well on all resources and routes obtained from our exploration teams. knowledge of all the systems is valuable for our traders, miners and military.


no matter where you are or what you are doing you will always need someone to call in an emergency. whether it’s fuel, repairs, transportation or a medical emergency we have citizens who will help you out.

and much more...