leading the way

civilian command

all the freedoms we have grown accustomed to all come at a cost but a calculated cost. the requirement for administration of all the civilian  services and securities provided by the syndicate needs to be compartmentalized in order to work as efficiently as possible. all departments of logistics must communicate with command to relay all civilian operations so command can distribute assets where needed in any scenario.

military command

all special ops, patrols, and distribution of military assets always has to be relayed through command. in order to maintain security for the productivity of all industry and other business within our syndicate we require brilliant and tactful minds. individuals that excel in communication, strategy, regulatory measures and other important skills required to administrate and operate our military at the highest levels of command.

with over 200 years of history within our ranks we have become astute at procuring only the most loyal, DEDICATED AND DECORATED OF OUR SYNDICATe for positions within OUR COMMAND BRANCH. we can guarantee that the decisions these members make have all of your lives, safety and all around well being in mind when making any decisions. all citizens are a number one priority whether civilian or military your lives matter to us. as we have seen in the past, we can only survive together. and together we will stand as we have for generation after generation. following in the footsteps of our ancestors, and remembering that its the people who matter most, we guarantee our command branch is doing everything it must do to keep the syndicate and its citizens prosperous no matter where we roam.