never alone - never afraid


the backbone of our military. the navy is responsible for the safety of both civilian and military movements through out the verse. our navy is a standing fleet ready for any scenario that presents itself. This includes pilots, gunners and engineers required to crew our vessels.


what we like to call our “ground and pound” specialists, the marines are our frontline and our defense. they are responsible for the safety of our vessels from boarding parties, pirates or mercenaries our enemies have hired. they are the CTS Marine Corp.

special ops

as cliche as it may be they are truly the best of the best. these are the men and women who have given it all to protect our freedoms and our lives. with history in some of the family lines back to the first tevarin war our troops are trained for everything. they’re the first ones in and out without anybody knowing. they are the ghosts in the void.

the cutthroat syndicates military assets are dedicated to keeping UEE space safe for civilians and to keep profits within the syndicate up. with threats of all kinds around any corner we must be vigilant and prepared for anything. we must protect our families, our homes and our humanity. this can only be done with coordination government, business and civilian. the cutthroat syndicate recognizes this and operates within all facets of business and politics throughout the verse. an important part of this mandate requires a strong military on stand by.